We offer the full range of tree services across the region, covering Newcastle, Gateshead, Sunderland, Northumberland and the whole of Tyneside.



Although we always work hard to conserve trees and to help them thrive, if you have a dangerous or decaying tree, we are skilled and experience at their safe removal. If you need to remove a tree in order for a building development to take place we can remove the tree and also advise you on how you could incorporate future trees into your plans.

Removing a tree takes the right skills, equipment and experience – you can rest assured that Newcastle Tree Services have everything you need and will leave your garden or site clear and tidy – call us today to discuss your problem and get a quick, no obligation quote.



A key aspect of tree care and conservation is pruning. Pruning helps trees to thrive, it encourages growth, improves appearance, allows light to penetrate the whole structure and acts as health check on your tree, allowing diseases and structural issues to be spotted. It also helps to minimise damage that could be caused by falling branches. Below are the main types of pruning that we deal with. Get in touch to arrange a visit or get a quick, no obligation quote.


Reducing the overall crown of the tree whilst maintaining or creating the shape of the tree.


Removing branches within the crown without reducing the size or the shape of the tree. This method of pruning is used to increase light penetration and reduce wind resistance.


The removal of dead, diseased or weak branches. Epicormic shoots can also be removed.


Lower branches are removed to reduce hazards near walkways and roads, to prune back from buildings and to increase visibility for example pruning back from signs.



Trees can fall or become dangerous with little warning, due to weather, storms or undiscovered disease. If you have a tree which is a threat to property, has blocked a road or is presenting an ongoing danger, you will need it taken care of expertly and quickly.

We offer an out of hours emergency tree surgery service where a qualified and insured professional will respond to your emergency and take the appropriate action, day or night – just call 07471 689 248.



Do you have hedges that you need to be trimmed and maintained, or do you have an area of hedge that you would like to be removed?

Maintaining a hedge can be hard work, with the added issue of getting rid of all the green waste. Let Newcastle Tree Services take care of this for you, including removing stumps and roots as required. Just call us to discuss your needs and for a no obligation quote.



A decaying stump is not only unattractive in a garden or wooded area, it can be a trip hazard, encourage pests into the area and it can be a hinderance to planned building work. Grinding a stump down helps to minimise its impact. With our knowledge and equipment, we can quickly deal with the issue, leaving a clear and tidy area – just call us to discuss your issue and for a no obligation quote.



Would you like to enhance your garden and other areas that you care for by planting new trees and hedges in the landscape? Trees and hedges not only add to the attractiveness of an area but they help the environment and provide habitat for wildlife. At Newcastle Tree Services, we are passionate about the environment and ensuring that nature thrives. As well as taking care of all the hard work for you, we can advise on which trees and hedges to plant and ensure that planting happens at the optimum time. Contact us to discuss your needs and for a no obligation quote.


Hedge Planting

Hedge plants quickly form an attractive boundary. As well as providing structure to the garden, they are ideal habitats for wildlife and nesting birds. Most trees and shrubs lend themselves to being used as hedging and when supplied as bare-root specimens, they can be very inexpensive. Pot grown plants add a little more to the budget and are equally suitable. If you can’t wait three to seven years for your hedge to attain its desired size, it is also possible to order semi-mature plants for instant screening.



Evergreen and semi-evergreen hedges e.g. Privet, Box, Yew – early autumn through to late winter.

Deciduous hedges e.g. Beech, Hornbeam, Hawthorn – mid-autumn until late winter.


Tree Planting



October – April (or anytime for pot-grown)

Bare root / Rootballed – autumn/winter




If you would like to us to clear a garden or other site for you, please get in touch, our friendly and efficient team will have it done in no time. Whatever the area houses currently, be it trees, shrubs, hedges and ivy, we can completely clear your site, removing all debris and leaving it free for whatever you have planned next.



We have the expertise and training to carry out a range of specialist and advanced inspections including the following;

  • Decay and Detection Mapping
  • Development Site Consultancy BS5837
  • Tree Surveys and Tree Inspections
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Quantified Tree Risk Assessment (QTRA) Licensed User
  • Subsidence Damage Consultancy
  • Insurance Claims Assessment
  • Legal Advice
  • Tree and Woodland Management
  • Homebuyers Tree Reports
  • Disease and Disorder Identification and Management



When you are responsible for a site which contains a number of trees, it’s important that you understand their condition and health and have a plan for maintenance and managing any issues.

Our corporate clients such as shopping centres, churches, schools, academies and car parks value our expertise in this area. We can visit your site and perform an inspection, providing you with a report. Any required work needed can be planned and carried out swiftly. To discuss your organisation’s needs please contact us.


If you’d like to find out more about the services we offer or to book a free consultation and quotation, get in touch.

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