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A Thank You

by Jul 2, 2019News, Tree Blog

Anyone in business knows it doesn’t come without its difficult days.

So I breathed a sigh of relief when my eyes fell upon this yesterday.

Here is the first piece in a range of furniture we are creating, all made from trees we have felled locally.

Designed and handmade in our workshop in Northumberland.

The table top and drawer is made from Spalted Sycamore and the table legs are made from English Oak.

This is a solidly built hallway table which will last generations.

Every piece we create is handmade and there is nothing else like it in the world.

Thank you to Niall and Checo, Operations Manager at Newcastle Tree Services for your hard work and expertise.

And a very big thank you to my friend Lionel for helping me realise this dream.

Lionel is a remarkable friend and guide that has patiently guided me through the ups and downs to this realisation. I hold a place in my heart for Lionel.