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Moss Wall

by Apr 9, 2019News

I’ve become slightly obsessed with bringing nature indoors! It’s this reconnecting and living in harmony with our earth that I feel is so important.

Checo, Operations Manager at Newcastle Tree Services, is dedicating some of his time to producing practical products from the hardwood trees that we fell. I have been discussing creating a live moss wall to hang in my dining room at home and was over the moon when he produced this incredible Beech wood frame for me to create just that. This Beech was felled in Alston about 2 years ago and has been drying in our workshop until now.

Thank you Checo!

I’ll post a photo of the finished moss wall soon.

1 Comment

  1. Sue

    How’s the moss wall doing?
    I’m interested in these and living green walls – they seem to offer an opportunity to improve the air and look great.