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Newcastle Tree Services supports Forest School

by Jul 30, 2019News

Newcastle Tree Services Ltd are proud to support the Forest School at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church in Heaton.

I have been interested in and fully supportive of Forest Schools in our communities for 3 years. Forest schools reconnect children and teachers with our natural woodlands and outdoors environment.

In my experience, I feel very well and can flourish in the natural outdoors at work and at play. I even hold work meetings in forests and woodlands with a camping stove and a pot of posh coffee. Ideas and creativity tend to flourish in this environment. I have found people tend to listen more closely and speak thoughtfully amongst the branches and leaves.

I have witnessed children suffering from ADHD in closed classroom settings; symptoms arrested whilst in a Forest School.

I believe every child is different and not one mould suits all. I also believe we can all do very well, in health and education by having our schools strongly rooted and connected in nature.