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Reset. Unwind. Connect.

by May 20, 2019News

A few weekends ago I was taken to Edinburgh Botanic Gardens. A new place to visit for me and a time to reset, unwind and connect with people I love and share with them the experience of being face to face with mesmerising tropical plants from across our planet.

Many of the plants look like they are straight out of a science fiction movie!

All our human ideas are born of experience living on this planet. It is THIS planet, OUR planet, that harbours the incredible rare beauty of our existence. It is NOT anywhere else.

We must save this planet from extinction. Join the fight! There is NO alternative.

Here are 10 ways to LOVE your planet and feel good in the process:

  1. Recycle old wood. This will prevent old furniture going to landfills and help save our trees.
  2. Turn off sockets and appliances that aren’t being used to avoid wasting energy.
  3. Join a plastic cleanup campaign in your local area. Enjoy the fresh air and you might even make new friends.
  4. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.
  5. Save water. Take a shower. Showers use less water than bathing. Use shorter and lower temperature cycles for washing machines and dishwashers. Turn off the tap when cleaning your teeth and washing your hands.
  6. Buy organic. Organic produce doesn’t use harmful pesticides. Or try growing your own veggies.
  7. Ditch the car. Walk or cycle to work. You’ll feel better for it!
  8. Use rechargeable batteries. This will reduce waste and you’ll save money in the long term too.
  9. Reuse your plastic bags. How many times do you forget to take shopping bags into the supermarket?
  10. Choose a re-usable water bottle to save plastic. There are loads on the market including Chillys, S’well and Black & Blum.

And here are some useful links with actionable ways to help SAVE our planet:

  1. WWF: 10 Things you can do to help save our planet
  2. GVI: How to save the planet in 30 days
  3. Green Match: 70 ways to save the earth
  4. Friends of the Earth: 8 Lazy ways to become environmentally friendly
  5. Earth Day: A billion acts of green
  6. Readers Digest: 41 ways kids can save the planet in 5 minutes or less


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  1. Gayle Middlemiss

    Have A Vegetarian Day

    You don’t have to give up meat for life, but try to commit to one meat free day a week. It takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce a single pound of beef. And each hamburger that comes from animals on ex-forestry ground is responsible for the destruction of fifty-five square feet of forest.