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Still Standing

by Dec 16, 2021News, Tree Blog

Storm Arwen caused a LOT of damage – to buildings, homes, vehicles, landscapes.

Some damage was repairable, but most irreparable. Homes were left without power.

The wind blew at almost 100mph in places and is estimated to have caused £3 million worth of damage to National Trust properties.

Tens of thousands of trees fell.

Here is a photo of 2 conifers that did not fall in the recent Storm Arwen. However their root plates were moved in the storm, compromising their foundational structural stability; and one of these conifers lay against the other.

Removal of these trees was inevitable.

Since Storm Arwen we observed many trees that had NOT fallen but were structurally compromised. Trees like this should be removed due to their inevitability of falling in the future.

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