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Tree Hazard Assessment

by May 14, 2019News, Tree Blog

Have you ever wanted to assess and diagnose your own trees? Just like a doctor in a hospital or surgery, we all have the ability to identify, examine the symptoms and diagnose the fungi, disease and pests attacking our trees.

12 years ago I began my life-long study into arboriculture and I have been diagnosing ill health in trees throughout this time. I often refer to books in my tree library, a library growing by the month.

These are 2 books I highly recommend for any budding amateur Tree Inspector and for anyone starting out or already working within the industry.

Written by Guy Watson and Ted Green for the Arboricultural Association. These are must haves which I use all the time.

If you are concerned for your trees and would like me to identify a fungal, disease or pest infestation, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

You can also arrange a site visit by calling 0191 468 2337 or email [email protected].

Or send me photos of the fungi, disease or pest infestation so I can help with the diagnosis.