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Trees of the week

by Jul 12, 2019Tree Blog

Verses for the days of the week. Based on the German originals by Johannes Hemleben.
So speaks the silvery moon through the flowering Cherry. “Raise like the plant the lower to the upper. Purify your desires, ripen and put forth the fruits of life.”
So speaks iron Mars through the gnarled Oak tree. “Take root in the depths and reach up to the heights. Be stalwart and strong. Be a higher, knight and protector.”
So speaks quick silvery Mercury through the loving growth of the Elm and its winged seeds. “Involve yourself. Be alert, lively and swift.”
So speaks Jupiter of time through the wide-spreading leaves of the Maple. “Do not be overcome by haste and hurry. Seek for hours of quietness, in which goodness and wisdom and thankfulness can be born.”
So speaks coppery Venus through the light-seeking silver Birch. “Work on your soul, marvelling with tenderness at the beauty of the world.”
So speaks leaden Saturn through the trees of the dark forest – through fir, pine and yew. “Feel responsibility for the needs of the times and of all humanity. Take up with fervour and in earnestness the tasks that life has given you.”
So speak the golden sun through the high towering Ash. “Be upright and noble. Waste not yourself on what is unworthy. Be mindful of your human dignity.”

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  1. Nick

    Uplifting to find such contemplations